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Convert Tons Refrigeration Cfm

2001 York/Frigid Coil Roof - Top Freezer/Evaporator- 9.5 Tons ...
2001 York/Frigid Coil Roof-Top Freezer/Evaporator- 9.5 Tons. Model: RTFSL-201 18/9 amps, 60/50 Hz, 3 phase. Roof-Top Freezer Systems convert freezer space previously reserved for the placement Refrigeration and drain lines are pre-piped external to unit for one-step connection. All ... Document Viewer

Conversion Chart For Terms Used In The Refrigeration Industry
Conversion Chart for Terms Used in the Refrigeration Industry Multiply By To Obtain Abampers 1 x 10 1 Amperes Abcoulombs 2.998 x 10 10 Statcoulombs ... View Doc

HVAC FORMULAS CFM = _____BTU/Hr / ( 1.08 x Temperature Difference) TON OF REFRIGERATION - The amount of heat required to melt a ton (2000 lbs.) of ice at 32°F ... Read Document

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Conversion Table & Formulas Technical Data
CONVERSION TABLE & FORMULAS To Convert CFM CFM FPM BTU/HR BTU/HR Lbs Gallons HP Inches Feet FT 2 FT3 P.S.I Ins of H20 Into L/second M3hr M/Sec Watts Mj Kg Litres kW MM Meters ... View Full Source

Conversions And Formulas - American Industrial
Heat In Dry Air (approx.) Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute x 1.13 x Temperature Difference (oF) SCFM x 1.13 x Temperature Differ-ence (oF) Convert ACFM to SCFM SCFM = ACFM x (Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge + Atmospheric Tons of Cooling (chiller) Btu / hr 12000 Tons of Cooling (cooling ... Read Here

Design Formulae - CIMCO Refrigeration
0.85 tons 100 cfm @ 50 f air 40 f water incoming air 90 f d.b./78 f w.b. includes fan motor heat cooling tower load factors barrel 1 ton per inch of screw dia. refrigeration 65 villiers street, toronto, ontario m5a 3s1 tel: (416) 465-3987 fax: (416) 465-8815 ... Access This Document

Conversion Of Units - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Atm·cfm ≡ 1 atm × 1 cu ft/min = 47.820 074 682 24 W: atmosphere-cubic foot per second: atm cfs ≡ 1 atm × 1 cu ft/s ton of refrigeration (imperial) ... Read Article

Workshop Exercise - Cooling Towers - RETScreen
Calculate the cooling tower (CT) capacity in tons of refrigeration (TR) using the following data: Water flow rate through CT: 120 m3/h Specific ... Get Document

Useful Conversion Factors
To Convert Into Multiply By Atmospheres Kilopascal (Kp) 101.1 Btu (Cfm) Cubic Meter/Hr 1.6992 Tons, Refrigeration Kilowatts 3.52 Watts Btu/Hr 3.414 Watts Horsepower (Elec.) 1.341 X 10-3 Watt ... Get Content Here

Air Conditioning And refrigeration Guide
Refrigeration System Evaluation Guide“. Measure condensing pressure and convert to temperature. (CFM) through the coil. (You can use other methods to determine the volume of air flow through the coil.) 3 ... View This Document

Advanced Reactive Drying
To Convert… Into… Multiply by Tons (refrigeration) Btu / H 12000.00 Tons (refrigeration) Kilowatts 3.52 Sensible / Latent Cooling Btuh capacity =Enthalpy Change x cfm x 4.5 Tons of cooling capacity =Btuh / 12,000 Temperature Change: ∆T =Btuh / (cfm x 1.08) ... Retrieve Here

Short ton - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The word "ton" is taken to refer to a long ton, and metric tons are distinguished by the "tonne" spelling. Most Commonwealth countries followed British practice with the exception of Canada, which used short tons as well as long tons. ... Read Article

Units & Conversions Fact Sheet - MIT Energy Club
1 ton-refrigeration = 12,000 Btu/hr = 200 Btu/min = 3.517 kW °F = 1.8 • °C + 32 °K = (°F – 32) • 5/9 + 273.15 Temperature 1MPa = 10bar = 9.87atm = 145psi 1atm = 1.0132 bar = 760 mmHg = 14.696 psi = 10.33 ton/m 3 Pressure 1 m 2= 10.765 ft ... View Document

To Convert To Multiply By Feet of Water Inches of Mercury 0.8826 Feet of Water Pounds/ Sq. Inch 0.4335 Tons (refrigeration) BTU/ Hr. 12,000 Watts BTU/ Hr. 3.413 Electrical Formulas To Find Single Phase Two Phase -Four Wire Three ... View This Document

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HVAC FORMULAS TON OF REFRIGERATION - The amount of heat required to melt a ton (2000 lbs.) of ice at 32°F 288,000 BTU/24 hr. 12,000 BTU/hr. APPROXIMATELY 2 inches in Hg. ... Content Retrieval

British Thermal Unit - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
1 ton of cooling, a common unit in North American refrigeration and air conditioning applications, is 12,000 BTU/h (3.52 kW). It is the amount of power needed to freeze 1 short ton (0.893 long ton; 0.907 t) of water into ice in 24 hours. ... Read Article

Split System Cooling Units
Designed to easily convert for installa-tion of 2" filters. models feature single refrigeration circuitry lowering job installation costs by requiring only one set of Unit Tons Model No. CFM Louver Angle Deflection Position ... View Doc

Conversion Factor Table Http://vertex42.com/edu/kinematics ...
L / s 2.119 ft3 / min (cfm) L / s 15.85 gal / min (gpm) lbf (pound force) 32.174 lbm·ft / s 2 lbf 4.44822 N lbf 32.17 poundals ton of refrigeration 200 Btu / min W (watt) 3.4121 Btu / hr W 0.7376 ft·lbf / sec W 1.341x10-3 hp s / W1 J W / cm2 1x104 W / m2 ... Get Document

Favorite Videos - YouTube
Here's how to convert your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet into a makeshift projector. The picture isn't the greatest, but it's really really cheap, and can add a bit of creative fun to your next sports party! Assassin's Creed 3 Meets Parkour in Real Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py-yRjM0le8 ... View Video

Window Replacement
G </span><a href="http://www.ohio.edu/finance/pcard/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile l. mavilia incorporated docsb134111se0430 repair of refrigeration units hvac </span></a><br /><span>Even the popular web siteYouTube.com has seen the posting of numerous comedy skit ... View Video

Electrical Energy Equipment: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Energy Eff iciency Guide for Industry in A sia – www.energyefficiencyasia.org ©UNEP 1 ... View Doc

• T24 requirement for systems > 2,500 CFM and 75 MBH (appx 6.25 tons) • BEWARE!! Motorized dampers need maintenance • Where does all this OSA go?…building pressure heat is generated by refrigeration compressors reversing valve changes function of evaporator and condenser ... Fetch Content

Customer Driven Results OrienteD - Westermeyer Industries Inc
Kits can be used to convert the universal mounting to non-standard Refrigeration Maximum Discharge (CFM) Oil Capacity in gallons CO 2 R-410A Recommended Tons of Refrigeration at Evaporator Temperature °F R-404A-40°F -20°F 0°F Min / Max 20°F ... Fetch This Document

Use Eq. 2 to convert from the older Shading Coefficient (SC) to SHGC if necessary. SHGC = 0.86 between 350 to 400 cfm per ton for humid climates. “Refrigeration System Installation and Startup Procedures”). ... Content Retrieval

Commonly Used HVAC Formulae And Conversions - ThermalNetics
Commonly Used HVAC Formulae and Conversions Air Side Q Total = CFM x (h i ‐ h f) x 4.5 Btuh Q Sensible ... Get Document

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